Testimonials written


A client, Valerie, who has suffered for 40 years from cronic pain and insomnia wrote "I didn't read to bore myself to sleep last night. I relaxed to the Ocean and Seagulls on the sound machine and simply fell asleep. It must have been restful because before I knew it was 8:00 am and I got up to use the bathroom. I do not have the limp in my walk either.... I walked in a daze all over Walmart slowly if I might add without a brace or limp. Still feel burden free in my mind and light headed in a great way.

Her friend, Lue, wrote this comment about her friend Valerie (who also had a Reiki session). "I noted a difference in my roommate after her Reiki session with Jt. She was more focused on tasks. She organized her surroundings. And she slept restfully and  we up and felt well rested".

Facial Cupping

​​A client, Renee, who has been recieving Botox for over 5 years prior to do Facial Cupping has this to say." I have been spending so much money over the past 5 years to look younger using Botox in my forehead, between my eyes, and around my crowsfeet area. Although I have always like the temperary results, I have never liked the idea of filling my face with needles/toxins. There is too much unknown. Although I have always liked the results, for me, they never last more than 2 months before the Botox started wearing off. I heard about facial cupping and gua sha from Janet. She has only performed 4 sessions of both on my face and already people are telling me I look really good. I feel younger, my face is clearer, and my rosacia has diminished. Aside that from the benefits, I find it extremely relaxing. I also feel so much better using a natural means to my facial rejuevenation.

Gua Sha Facial